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  On this website you will be able to find our daily schedule, what we are learning at the moment, and a little about my teaching philosophy.  

Book Fair this Week

I sent home a form on the book fair which talks about Ewallet.  On the Young Scholars Facebook page there is a page talking more about how to pay for the books.  Additionally, you can use cash.  If you are sending your child in with cash, please have it in a bag with their name on it.    


Follow this link to find my classroom schedule.

I have seen struggles with Google Links in the past, if this does not work I will contact IT to see why it is not working.  

I have included this to make sure everyone is able to understand what we do each day and how the classroom is set-up.  

Contact Me

Welcome to 3rd grade and grading system

Grades can be upsetting to some students which is why it is always important to value trying their best over their actual score.  That is what I pay attention to the most.  

Grading Scale

In 3rd grade we start to grade based on letter grades.  Most of the students will get a decent grade if they just do the work and give it their best effort.  

Grading scale

A 90-100

B 80-89

C 70-79

D 60-69

F 0-59

Homework and Blue Folder

If I am sending home homework, it should be done to their fullest.  Most students have been finishing their and not having to take home their folder.  However, I do send home other important information in the folder.  For example every Friday your child will have their brand new spelling list.  

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How can I support you

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I am always at my email.  Some of you may have noticed already that I respond generally within 24 hours.  At the latest 48 hours

Girl with Folders

Blue Folders

This is an open line for the both of us. If you have anything you need to tell me, just put it in the Blue Folder.   



I do not think of everything so feel free to communicate with me in other forms of communication.  Either good or bad I always try to send both home.  

Spelling Words List

  1. Owner 

  2. Dream

  3. Peaches

  4. Asleep

  5. Display 

  6. Shadow 

  7. Braided

  8. Charcoal

  9. Agree

  10. Maintain

  11. Voice

  12. South


  14. Bonus Words

  15. Tomorrow

  16. Freedom

  17. Entertain

Inquiry Units

Our inquiry units change every month or so.  I will keep you updated on what we are learning throughout that time.  It will also be on our weekly newsletter.


What are we doing in Math

Image by Chris Liverani

Lesson 4

Understand Division and what it means to split things up into groups 


Lesson 3 Math Quiz

Assessing students Math Skills

Hexagon with x inside

Prodigy and Reflex

As the kids call it Prodigy is a mock Pokemon, I have seen it really help students, especially with geometry,.  We will also be working on arrays and review Math in centers.  

Reading and Writing

Provide a general description of the items below and introduce the services you offer. Click on the text box to edit the content.

Story Time

My View

We will be reading an informational text.  

Writing with Pen


Our writing topic for these next couple of weeks will be Personal Narratives.  

Reading Icon

Reading Stamina

We have set goals for ourselves using an an anchor chart.  Our goal is 40 minutes of silent reading.  


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